Mr. Risikesh Shaha

(1988 - 1996)

Born in 1925 in Tansen of Palpa district, Mr. Shah was a scholar statesman and a multidisciplinary personality as he was a human rights activist, writer, diplomat, politician and a teacher. He went on to become General Secretary of Nepali Congress from 2009 B.S. to 2012 B.S.

Mr. Kapil Shrestha


Born in 1955 in Kathmandu district, Professor, Kapil Shrestha was the second president of HURON. He was elected the president of HURON by the 5th National Convention in 1996.

Mr. Sudip Pathak


Born in 1962 in Kathmandu District, Mr. Pathak was the third President of HURON. He was elected as the President by the 6th National Convention and served from 2000 to 2015.

Mr. Indra Prasad Aryal

(2015 – Presently)

Born in 1976 in Chitwan District, Bharatpur-7, Mr. Aryal completed his B.L from Nepal Law Campus.He was elected the fourth President of HURON by the 13th National Convention.