Advocate Indra Prasad Aryal, President,HURON

Namaste! It is a great honor and privilege for me to have been elected as the fourth President of Human Rights Organisation Nepal in 2015. I hope to continue to keep up the excellent work that this historic organization has been doing since the onset.

Established in 1988 as one of the first Human Rights organization in Nepal, HURON has working from rights based approach to development. Growing from mass based people’s movement to secure civil rights, HURON has grown to protect and promote Human Rights through advocacy, lobbying, conflict resolution with special focus on capacity building and human rights programming. HURON has always been represented a broad spectrum of political opinion in Nepal and has drawn largely from educated professional classes consisting of educators, lawyers, journalists and civil society members. Currently, we have still been maintaining 75 district chapters across Nepal with a dynamic participation of 40,000 active members.

Since my presidency, HURON has been pro-active in Monitoring & Observation of Human Rights abuses in Nepal. In 2015, HURON played the role of Human Rights Watch Dog during Madhesh Aandolan II, reminding the government and rioting parties to adhere to humanitarian principles and to respect the rule of law. HURON Executive Members have since visited 60 districts to conduct awareness and capacity development programs. Currently, Population, Refugee & Migration (PRM) project funded by the US State Department is ongoing with positive results in providing protection, assistance and sustainable solutions for refugees, stateless persons & victims of conflict.

HURON organized a seminar, titled ‘How to Find Way Out to Resolve Political Deadlock in Nepal’ which was commissioned by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in 2017. Also, HURON is one of the members of Consortium of election cleaning campaign. Through Citizens Campaign for Clean Election (CCCE), HURON is involved in monitoring and observation of Local Elections, 2074 in the electoral cycle where 4,000 members are participating as Election Observers. I.e. Pre-Election, During-Election and Post-Election.

HURON is committed to protecting and promoting Human Rights in Nepal. As a forerunner of human rights activism in Nepal, we are always trying to better ourselves each year and pledge our complete support to UDHR and all human rights conventions and treaties ratified by the Government of Nepal and to serve the people of Nepal during all times. Thank you.