Since our establishment, we have been involved in Election Observation and Monitoring in national and local level. For National Election of 1991, HURON conducted a series of Voters Education Program as part of its Campaign for Human Rights Awareness through a Task Force for Free and Fair Elections (TAFFE), with view to extend cooperation to the Election Commission in ensuring free and fair elections. The TAFFE was at work for a month before elections and held public meetings of candidates, local political leaders voters, administrative and security personnel in charge of elections and the returning officers wherever possible emphasizing their joint responsibility for holding free and fair elections.

After 1990, HURON has played an active role, in monitoring and advocating for human rights, organizing demonstrations, seminars and workshops, and producing publications. As part of democratic process HURON co-chaired the National Election Observation Committee (NEOC).

For the National Elections of 2007 and 2013, we were involved in Election Observation and Monitoring as National Election Observation Council Nepal (NECON) with 3,000 Election Observers participating in national level elections.

At the 2017 Local Level Election almost 4,000 Election Observers are participating. HURON is a member of a Consortium of election campaign in Citizens Campaign for Clean Election (CCCE).

HURON sends Election Observation and Monitoring Reports to the Election Commission with detailed information of Election Cycle I.e. Pre-Election, During Election and Post-Election activities. Along with our Methodologies, Major Findings and Conclusions, HURON also sends our Recommendations and Suggestions to the Election Commission for further improvements strengthening in part of the commission.

As a part of CCCE, we have been organizing and promoting healthy election environment and reporting activities that are against the norms as set by Election Commission, making the elections unbiased and transparent. The activities under CCCE were:

  • Voter Orientation and Educational Programs
  • Provincial and Local Level Discussions
  • Television and Radio Programs
  • Public Hearings
  • Election Observation & Monitoring
  • Election Reporting