img Human Rights Activists in support of Ganga Maya Adhikari in “Solidary for Justice Program” organized at Bir Hospital

On June 6, 2004, Krishna Prasad Adhikari, a 17-year old school boy of Phujel, Ward 7, Gorkha was visiting his grandparents’ at Ratnanagar Municipality, Chitwan when he was kidnapped and was later found murdered ruthlessly at BakulaharChowk. The then Maoist rebels had claimed the responsibility of the murder.

On June 12, 2006 the Council of Ministers unilaterally decided to close the file of Krishna Prasad Adhikari labeling it as a conflict era case. National Human Rights Commission has recommended criminal investigation on the case but all successive governments have been turning blind side to the victim’s family. In the light of injustice, Human Rights Organization of Nepal along with other Human Rights Organizations of Nepal including civil society organizations have been advocating for their case.

The Chitwan District Court registered the murder case of Krishna Prasad Adhikari on April 13, 2014 after prolonged pressure from Human Rights Defenders and members of civil society organizations throughout the years. Till date, none of the people accused in the FIR have been tried. The family has always maintained that the murder occurred due to land dispute and is a criminal offence.

Nanda Prasad Adhikari died on September 22, 2014 after 329 days of fast-unto-death at Bir Hospital. The Adhikari family has been refusing to receive the body and give him a funeral until they get justice. The case of Krishna Prasad Adhikari is still in hearing at Chitwan District Court. Out of 13 defendants, two are still at large. On August 14, 2016, eleven Human Rights Activists were taken into custody including a number of HURON members and President, Indra Prasad Aryal for protesting against the lack of promised implementation by the Government as part of “Save Ganga Maya” campaign.

Human Rights Defenders from Human Rights Organization of Nepal has been involved in over a hundred activities for the case of Krishna Prasad Adhikari. HURON has been advocating, lobbying, providing legal support, assisting in case registration at Chitwan District Court, issuing Press Statements organizing sit-ins and even protesting on the streets for swift justice against the perpetrators of the murder.

Out of seven petitioners, Indra Prasad Aryal, President of HURON is also one of the advocates, advocating for Ganga Maya Adhikari in her fight for justice and blatant case against what can be considered political impunity for criminal cases.

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